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A central heating and cooling system offers just the basics with regard to enhanced indoor air quality for you and your family. It is estimated that the air you breathe inside your home is more polluted than the air outside your home. Beyond simply heating and cooling the air in your home, don’t you want great indoor air for your family?

We make it a simple decision with Clean ComfortTM Indoor Air Essentials product solutions.

What does air cleaning do for my home?

Reduces and removes airborne particulates from your home’s air. Depending on the air cleaner model installed, it can remove:

Larger particulates (such as household dust, and lint that can cause problems with the mechanical operation of your furnace or air handler).

Small particulates (that could impair the efficient operation of the cooling coil in your central air conditioning system).

Basics of filtration AM Series media air cleaners help to remove household dust, lint and other particulates passing through the return air ducts of your central heating and cooling system.

Once extracted from the air stream, these particulates can easily be removed permanently from your home system when the filter is replaced or the cells of the electronic air cleaner are washed. The filters of our media air cleaners are easily replaced and should be changed once or twice a year based on conditions within the home.

 For best performance of our electronic air cleaners and to keep airflow restriction low, it is recommended that the collector cells be cleaned at least twice a year based on conditions within the home. This is easily done in your laundry tub or outdoors and takes only 10-15 minutes to do.

Why buy a Five Stage AMHP-250-UPD air cleaner?

HEPA filtration performance: an estimated minimum of 99.97% removal of all airborne particles 0.3 microns2 or larger. HEPA is the filtration standard recommended by the CDC for hospital operating rooms.

Ultraviolet (UV) purification helps to deactivate airborne microbial contaminants leaving air in your home cleaner and more comfortable.

The AMHP-250-UPD uses photocatalytic oxidation to decompose volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into basic molecules such as H2O and CO2, thereby reducing odors and airborne chemicals in the process. VOCs are common pollutants emitted (or “off gassed”) from new household furnishings like bedding, carpets and ready-to-assemble furniture.

Why buy an electronic air cleaner?

The Clean Comfort brand AE14 Series Electronic Air Cleaner is a four-stage filtration system that powerfully attracts and traps solid and liquid airborne particles as small as 0.06 microns from the air in your home. The AE14 Series is well-suited for homes where high efficiency air cleaning is desired but system air flow restriction is a concern (i.e., filtration issues due to undersized duct work within the central heating and cooling system).

Multiple configurations to fit virtually any residential heating and cooling equipment.

Lower airflow resistance than media air cleaners of similar cleaning performance.

The AE10 electronic air cleaner fits where there’s only room for a 1” filter rack and operates on 24 Volts with as little as 2 Watts of power.

Easy to maintain – Changing media pads only takes 5 minutes and recommended that they be replaced every 4 months, depending on conditions in the home.

Why buy a media air cleaner?

Inside a Clean Comfort brand AM Series Air Cleaner is a MERV 11 or MERV 14 media filter with electrostatically charged fibers that remove particles as small as 0.3 micron from the air in your home. Easily installed in the system duct work, it provides additional protection from indoor air contaminants throughout your entire home compared to standard furnace filters*. Because the AM Series Air Cleaners’ deep-pleated media filter contains more surface area than standard furnace filters, they capture more particles with little airflow restriction so they last longer between filter changes and put less stress on the heating and cooling system fan.

Easy maintenance It is recommended that you replace the media filter once or twice a year, depending on the conditions in your home (amount of traffic, number of occupants and household pets, etc.) Check with your HVAC professional for a recommendation.

Helps maintain efficient operation of your central heating and cooling system by reducing airborne particles that can build up on the surface of the cooling coil.

The Clean Comfort brand AM Series of media air cleaners are a more efficient and convenient way to clean the air in your home compared to standard furnace filters, which may need to be replaced monthly.







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